The Post About the Best Socks I’ve Ever Worn…

This might sound silly but I’m very particular about my socks. Dress socks, athletic socks, casual socks. I have some very specific things that I like and want in my footwear and I blame a lot of it on some of my lower back issues that give me pain that radiates down to my feet. My feet feel everything and I hate socks that pinch, roll, wrinkle or just don’t feel good on my feet.

When the folks at KENTWOOL asked if I wanted to try a pair of their Merino wool performance socks that they market to golfers, I said sure. I’m always willing to try something new and I had getting back out on the driving range and golf course on my 33 in 33 for 33 list. This weekend I finally got out to the driving range and I got to try them on and I have to say, they’re kind of amazing on my feet. I was skeptical because I thought, they’re wool and they’ll be hot and maybe even a little itchy. They were lightweight, soft and cushioned in all of the right places. They’re designed to be moisture-wicking and to reduce odor, without washing for multiple wears and I sometimes get stinky sweaty feet. Wearing these, not even a moist toe.
KENTWOOL SocksIn all seriousness, I didn’t know a sock could feel so good. A sock! They felt so great that I even wore them to the gym and they felt amazing there too after a crazy workout. The other thing I loved about them is that they have a little extra cushion on the back of my foot where sneakers and especially my golf shoes tend to rub me on the back of my foot. After wearing these, with that little bit of extra padding I didn’t have a blister on the back of my foot like I do sometimes after playing a round and walking with my golf clubs.

I am in love with these socks and can’t thank the folks at KENTWOOL enough for letting me to try out a pair. If you’re a golfer, I’d say these are mandatory in your golf wardrobe (if your husband/boyfriend/Dad is you should pick him up a pair) and if you’re just a really athletic person, I’d suggest grabbing a pair of these too. They’re amazing, who knew a sock could be this nice?

3 thoughts on “The Post About the Best Socks I’ve Ever Worn…

  1. I play golf too! The fact that you said they don’t rub on the back of your feet is what might have me sold. I swear all of my sneakers rub up against the back of my foot and I have an eternal blister there. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I haven’t wear socks for a long time. But I like the feeling of socks when I am not feeling well. It is because it provides warmth to my feet and make my feet more comfortable when I am sleeping. I haven’t played golf but it is nice that you found the performance socks, which is right for you. Thanks for the insights about wearing performance socks.

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