I Went to Target for Trash Bags and Came Out With Clothes

Target Run
Last night my husband tricked me. He knows that if I go into Target I can’t spend less than $100 and he wanted something, so he suggested we go pick up trash bags. Right…just trash bags. $130 later I went home with trash bags and some new pieces to add to my fall wardrobe.

I don’t really like to pay full retail for clothes and I enjoy picking up bits and pieces from Target throughout the year. What made this trip particularly nice was that the skirt and the coral top were both on clearance! I loved the silky cowl neck patterned top and thought it would be great with a cardigan and a basic pencil skirt or slacks (my uniform) so I paid the $19 for it. But what really made me happy was that they had the grey and white striped crew neck tee that I wore to death last winter! I wore this shirt so much last year and then realized I snagged it as I was bringing in groceries and I almost cried. Now it is back in my dresser drawer and will be a layering staple for the fall and winter, YAY! Actually, I think I should go back and pick up another, just as a back up.

I’m sure I’ll show a lot of pieces that I pick up over the next few months. My work wardrobe is fairly sparse since I hadn’t been working for a bit last year and just didn’t dedicate a big budget towards clothes. This year I’m going to attempt to really cultivate my wardrobe into something I will love every time I open my closet.

So have you begun fall shopping yet? What have you bought so far?

4 thoughts on “I Went to Target for Trash Bags and Came Out With Clothes

  1. hahahaha! sounds like me… i’ve temporarily banned myself from going to Target b/c I get so out of control in there. really really impossible not to walk out with $100+ worth of purchases from them!

  2. I thought about getting that skirt and multi colored top. But lately I have bought some cardigans and tees on sale. Must haves for layering for fall! Target is addictive!

  3. Oh, that is the story of my life! LOL! I can never leave Target without getting at least 2 of the Ultimate Merona Tees. I bought one in black and white last week and have been layering them ever since. Love the skirt you picked up.

  4. Absolutely loving all the pattern and color in this purchase! And you’re not the only one who enters Target with a specific mission and come out with bags and bags of goodies;)

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