My Latest DIY Obsession: Knitting

Latest project & I am mildly obsessed with this yarn.
I think I may be obsessed with knitting, now that I’ve gotten the hang of it. I didn’t think I’d get into it as much as I did, even if knitting is one of the world’s most loved DIY projects. When I finished my second class at Stitch DC, my mother suggested that I knit scarves for everyone in the family for Christmas (not matching scarves, that would just be silly). Since I have a few months to go, I thought the sooner I got started, the better. The above scarf is an infinity scarf I made with a yard that goes from green to orange to white and I think I love it. I might be keeping that scarf just for myself.

I’ve been taking color requests from my family and friends (although my sister Helen changes her color every time she sees me make a new scarf) and I’ve been looking up different patterns on Ravelry so that I can try something new with each scarf. My latest pattern is a lace work scarf with a border in a lovely royal blue for a certain friend in the state of Kentucky 🙂 I’m actually really impressed with how easily I picked up the pattern and how nice it is coming out. I picked up the yarn from another knitting store in Dupont Circle, Looped Yarn Works on Friday. I’m also kind of obsessed with knitting stores. All the colors and options, it’s hard to pick one thing you want to make!

Between knitting and my beginning sewing skills, I think I’ve got enough crafting projects to keep my busy for the fall. Does anyone else knit? Have any sites/blogs/stores to suggest? Do share!

2 thoughts on “My Latest DIY Obsession: Knitting

  1. You are getting really good. I love the design on the scarf. It’s almost enough to make me want to learn to knit!!! #icantaffordanewhobby

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