Bobby’s Burger Palace

Bobby's Burger Palace

Another burger place has come to Washington, DC. Bobby’s Burger Palace, owned by Chef Bobby Flay. I’m always down for a good burger. I love Black and Orange (formerly Rogue State), was so very unimpressed with Shake Shack and wanted something a little different from Good Stuff Eatery. Bobby's Burger Palace

I ordered the September Burger of the Month, Cheyenne. Smoked Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, BBQ Sauce and Shoestring Onion Rings made this burger incredibly good. The meat was flavorful and juicy and the bun was fresh. Bobby's Burger Palace

I also decided it was very necessary to try out a milkshake while I was there…clearly it was research for this blog. Right? RIGHT?! The dark chocolate milkshake was so, so, so very good. Creamy, smooth and rich all blended into 1 very tall glass with a very big straw. And of course I topped it with some of their homemade whipped cream. Bobby's Burger Palace

I also fell madly and deeply in love with the honey mustard horseradish dipping sauce that came with their sweet potato fries. I think they need to drizzle that over a burger. I didn’t have my burger “crunchified,” to have potato chips added in between the bun and patty. Maybe I will add that to my list next time because there will definitely be a next time. I loved the cheery decor and the color scheme is the same as my kitchen, apple green, orange and yellow so I felt very at home. Definitely adding this place to my new favorite burger spot in DC and I’ll be back sooner rather than later.

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