His & Hers Timex Weekender Watches

His & Hers Timex Weekender
My husband is quite stylish and dapper if I do say so myself. He reads GQ, he has his own style and of course I encourage that in him. This weekend we were curled up on the couch, he was surfing the web and I was knitting while the TV watched us, and he showed me a watch that he was in love with. I should also state, that I may have gotten my husband obsessed with watches. He may not have as many in his collection as I do, but he does have a lot and he loves a good watch. So when he showed me the Timex Weekender I was quite surprised. It’s so simple, old school and his tastes lean towards chronographs and high end watches.
His & Hers Timex Weekender
Of course being the accessories blogger wife that I am and a watch lover, I knew that the Weekender could be picked up at our local Walmart and that it was only $30. A watch I could totally cosign. So last night after dinner we decided to pop into Walmart and see if we could find 2 Weekenders for us and we scored! I picked up 1 with a very pretty deep purple strap (purple is slowly becoming my second favorite color) and he picked up the olive green. The straps are actually removable but I haven’t seen online where I could buy just the Weekender strap but I’m sure in time I will find some so I can switch the bands up. I should also mention it has a very strong Indiglo to it for night viewing. We of course turned off all the lights just to see how bright it would be and it’s bright!

There are dressier styles with metal and leather bracelets but we liked this nylon strap fora more casual look. You can check out the full collection of Timex Weekenders on Timex.com and you can purchase one online at Walmart or just pop on over to your local Walmart to pick one up.

So do any of you own a Timex Weekender? Do you like the simple design? Do tell! 

One thought on “His & Hers Timex Weekender Watches

  1. Cute watches! I’ve been looking for a simple yet chic watch for casual Fridays & weekends. I found the fushia strap version on Overstock. I love watches too. Great post 🙂

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