How to Accessorize | Neutral Zone

Neutral Zone
Happy Friday! I’m so excited for the long weekend (and I will not be posting on Monday, I’m taking a break). The only thing I’m not too fond of about my job is that we are not allowed to wear denim of any kind at work – BOOOOOOOO! I understand the rule. I’ve seen the days they do let us wear jeans and it gets real bad really quickly but sometimes my mornings would be much quicker if I could build an outfit around my favorite jeans. So this is my casual Friday outfit, and I’d actually wear it any day of the week.
Neutral Zone
Last weekend I went to Nordstrom Rack with my sister, it was like sensory overload. I saw too many things I wanted. When I narrowed it down at the end of our shopping trip I picked up this open front August Silk cardigan (you know I have a weakness for August Silk cardigans). I thought it would be a nice neutral to add to my wardrobe and it would be very cozy…and it is.
Neutral Zone
My palette today is pretty neutral, which isn’t like me. I decided to add a little color with my very funky Indigo by Clarks shoes that I’ve had for years. They’re just so comfy and the colors are great and the shape is so off, I love them. I also added my Shop Suey Society Elizabeth Necklace for a bit more color and fun and my favorite Dooney & Bourke Bumble Bee Satchel.
Neutral Zone
Also played up my eyes with a gorgeous green to purple funky eye today. When I took off my sunglasses in the elevator a woman told me my eye makeup was gorgeous – score! I can’t just wear all beige, I’ve always got to find a way to add a bit of color.

So what do you wear on a casual Friday?

What I’m Wearing: T-Shirt, Target | Pants, Gap Outlet | Shoes, Indigo by Clarks | Sweater, August Silk (purchased at Nordstrom Rack) | Handbag, Dooney & Bourke | Necklace c/o Shop Suey Boutique | Eye Makeup: c/o Bare Escentuals in Chic Nude, Berry Flambe and Wicked

2 thoughts on “How to Accessorize | Neutral Zone

  1. We are allowed to wear jeans ANY day, since our CEO loves to wear them 🙂 Your outfit is the bomb…and of course I HAD to go over to the August silk web-site 🙂 Hope you are having a great week-end…lovin’ your blog!!!

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