Bargain Shopping & Indian Summer Style

New Dryer
My first major score was this awesome Hot Shot Tools Cheetah Turbo Ionic Dryer at Sally Beauty on their red tag clearance for $15!! If you go to the link I provided it’s $30 and in Tiger print, which is still a great price but when I saw it was $15 I scooped it up very quickly. I usually have 2 blow dryers in my house so I have a back up but I only had 1 at the moment and the tooth on the comb is all chipped up. This baby is so light weight and fast, I love it! You don’t realize sometimes that you might need an upgrade until you actually just upgrade, I’m glad I did. I also picked up an at home gel nail polish system from Sally as well, we’ll definitely talk about that more later. I want to see if it will really last for up to 21 days.
Indian Summer
I also got some Columbus Day shopping bargains at Macy’s this weekend and it includes this lovely dress I’m wearing today. I got a $25 gift card to Macy’s because of Klout and Klout Perks plus I had coupons for $10 off and $20% off so I decided to pick up some wardrobe staples yesterday at my Macy’s. This dress was on sale for under $50 and I also got a Michael Kors pencil skirt, a blouse, 2 pairs of tights and some underwear for $120. Not bad at all if I do say so myself.
Indian Summer
And since we’ve been having this crazy Indian summer kind of weather, I decided I’d go with bare legs and Mary Janes today, all in a fall color palette. I love when fall comes in so mild and nice like this. I hope this weather sticks around for the rest of the month and that dreary rainy weather we had will stay away!

So did any of you score any bargains over the holiday weekend? Share!

What I’m wearing: Dress, NY Collection at Macy’s | Belt, Aldo | Necklace, Monet | Cardigan, August Silk | Shoes, Fossil

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