A Swatch Giveaway!

Have you see the new Jessie J video, Who’s Laughing Now? Apparently Jessie J loves Swatch and the New Gent Collection and is rocking them in the video.
Jessie J
She’s also rocking an incredibly FIERCE hot pink lip. I swear I’m on a quest to find the perfect lip and that might be added to my list of lips I lust over. I actually like Jessie J, her voice is so bold (and you probably know her from her song  Price Tag – and I danced to it last night on Just Dance 3) . She sang at the VMA’s and she was doing a lot of covers and I actually thought she sounded better singing some of the songs than the artists that originally sang them. And I guess when I think about that bold voice, her very bold personality, a Swatch New Gent watch is kind of perfect for her. It’s a great combination.

Another great combination? Swatch and the Art of Accessories! Since I’m a fan of Swatch and probably because they knew I rocked out to Jessie J on Just Dance 3, Swatch is letting me give away 2 watches from the New Gent Collection today! YAY!  You can choose from 1 of the 10 colors: White Rebel, Warm Rebel, Red Rebel, Purple Rebel, Petrol Rebel, Olive Rebel, Burgundy Rebel, Brown Rebel, Blue Rebel and Black Rebel. You all know how much I love a good Swatch watch and the New Gent Collection is on that list of Swatches I love. The colors are bold and rich but the design is still simple and clean. I think the Petrol Rebel is my favorite in this collection and the Purple is a close second.

So how do you enter? I’ll give you until Sunday night at 8pm (eastern) to enter. Leave a comment below this post and tell me what’s your favorite bold match up and which color Swatch New Gent you’d like to own. And for extra credit you can also tell me on the Art of Accessories Facebook Wall and Tweet me, “@theaofa I want to be bold and win a @SwatchUS New Gent Collection Watch!”

Good luck!

27 thoughts on “A Swatch Giveaway!

  1. Great giveaway! My favorite bold match up is NARS Jungle red lip liner with Nars Schiap lipstick. It is bold, over the top but wearable. And if I win I would love the Petrol Rebel watch. love the color, perfect for fall

  2. I can’t decide between the green and the purple. Maybe this old lady will try wearing those 2 colors together this fall. Love them both, and I bet you’ve worn them together.

  3. My fave bold to match together is Purple and Orange! I love them I also like red and purple together too! My favorite for the collection. I love all the Swatch watches pictured but I especially like the warm, purple and black!!

  4. I think Roni’s got a great Halloween inspired matchup there with the orange & purple 🙂 But… i am a purple girl at heart so I would pick that one 😉 But on their website… the colors seem different, plum looks kinda “mauvy” so I don’t know.

  5. My favourite bold match up at the moment is black nailpolish (hot topic because that’s what’s to hand), topped with emerald green glitter polish (models own emerald city), great combination when I have to be sensible for work!

    My fave watch is the Petrol, with the Olive a very close second, for being so unusual. And I tweeted @meedja

  6. My favorite bold match up is purple and orange and anything sparkly! I would like to win the red watch to provide a pop of color!

  7. Right now, I love doing a neutral outfit with pops of color in my scarf or accessories. So, take a white button down with dark wash denim and pair it with a coral chunky necklace and turquoise scarf. I would LOVE, the Olive Green or the Petrol Rebel. I ❤ this giveaway!!


  8. I love the purple one!

    As for color bold, at the moment I have a fluo pink leather satchel!!!


  9. I am a bit obsessed with watches! I am loving the Petrol Rebel. I would love that for Fall to add just the right pop of color for accessories. I love Swatch too! Always have and always will! 🙂 I tweeted your giveaway. @micheledownard! I also wrote on your wall! 🙂

  10. My bold mashup of the moment is primary colorblocking. This fall, I’ve rocked mustard and kelly, cobalt and army, and magenta and orange. I hope this trend never goes out of style! Now, all I need to make my colorblocking dreams (continue to) come true is a blacked out Swatch Gent. Gimme Black Rebel!

  11. My favorite bold mashup has to be neon green and purple clothing paired together. Don’t know what it is about that color combination, but it makes me oh so happy. Throw in some bright orange every now and then too 🙂

    That Black Rebel is fantastic!

  12. Emerald green (like the petrol rebel) and a vibrant lime green (lime rebel), are my perfect bold match right now. Believe it or not, I wear this combination on my eyes–à la Beyonce. I wear a muted emerald shadow on my lid and a bold lime eyeliner under my bottom lash line. It sounds CRAZY, but looks fab! If I were selected to win this giveaway (in my best pageant voice), I would choose the Petrol Rebel Swatch..and promise to end world hunger. LOL!

    Good luck all!

  13. my favorite bold color combo is hot pink & anything! I really like royal blue & yellow together as well. All these watches are great, but the purple is my favorite.

  14. So easy and natural to go bold when you live in Florida! Bright colors are easily mixed and
    further enhanced by the natural rays of the sun. I go hot bright oranges with sea cool aquas!
    I’d like to give my Gent a new Swatch of his own in Olive Rebel to go with his personality!

  15. First time commenter, love your blog! I am definitely having a lipstick and blush moment, my eyes are getting no love. My new favorite bold lip is Mac’s Rebel. A tip for you, if you like Jesse J’s lip, Make Up Forever’s Lipstick #36 over NYX’s Bloom lipliner would be an almost exact match! I have rocked that as well and love it. Those Swatches come in so many lovely colors that its hard to choose! I heart the Turquoise and the Burgundy, either would be the perfect pop of color for my fall looks.

  16. My favorite bold matchup is a bright or colorful girly dress with an army green utility jacket. It tones down the girliness, making it very city chic but still bright. And I learned that SO many colors go with army green!

    I would choose the Petrol one! jewel tones are my favorite!

  17. I love wearing pops of color like red, orange or yellow with white, black or grey. Especially, a bold red lip!! I would love to have the Blue Rebel or Turquoise Rebel swatch.

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  19. I’ve been wearing a lot of purple with green shoes so I’m feeling torn between the gorgeous, bright Purple Rebel and the equally gorgeous Grape Revel. But then there’s the magnificent Lime Rebel…drool…

  20. I’m leaning toward the Burgundy Rebel. It’s slightly outside of my comfort zone and but not so outrageous, I’d never wear it.

  21. I absolutely LOVE the petrol (although I think the entire line is pretty hot!)

    When it comes to color combinations, I find it hard to choose just one…However my go to matchup? Black and white with a pop of red for a classic look, or I’ll swap out the red for fuschia for a more ‘of-the-moment’ look. One of my favorite ways to rock this look is with black dress slacks or pencil skirt, my black and white zebra stripe blazer and a colorful cami! Add heels, and a belt on the cami, along with silver statement jewelry and I’m ready to conquer the world!

    A New Gent in Petrol would be the perfect finising touch to this ensemble…

  22. I L-O-V-E the Petrol Rebel. It’s my favorite color this fall. I see it paired up with a leopard print blouse and red lips. And something on the bottom, of course.

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