How to Accessorize | Casual Coral

Casual Coral
Why are Fridays always so awesome? This was a short week and I’ve got some fun stuff planned with friends for the weekend (can you say Pumpkin Patch and a beauty trip to Sephora?), so I’m so happy for the weekend. Despite today’s miserable weather, it’s supposed to be a glorious fall weekend. And since it was a bit dreary this AM I decided to brighten my day with one of my favorite colors to wear, coral.
Casual Coral
I have alwayas loved this color on me and it always seems to brighten up my complexion and my mood. I also love mixing coral and blue together, they’re a favorite color combination of mine.

Speaking of favorite color combos, don’t forget you have until Sunday evening to enter to win 1 of 2 Swatch New Gent Collection watches that I’m giving away!! I’m so excited that Swatch gave me watches to give away, can’t you tell?

Oh and I was asked about this on Twitter and via email about the at home gel manicure I did myself. I thought I’d show you a picture of what my nails look like…after a week of the system.
Not bad at all, that’s what they looked like when I painted them a week ago. Now that I know the system works so well I’m itching to try another color but I definitely want to see what 2 weeks of wear looks like. Don’t worry, there will be a full post about this too, I just thought I’d give you a preview.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

What I’m Wearing: Boat Neck Top, Target | Pants, NY&Co | Bracelets, Random | Necklace, Filene’s Basement | Watch,  Swatch

One thought on “How to Accessorize | Casual Coral

  1. I love the outfit and the mani. I can’t wait to read about the at home gel mani system you used. I’ve been contemplating trying something like that myself!

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