How to Accessorize | The Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch
This box of apple cider donuts is totally why my weekend has gone by in a cinammon and sugar haze. I spent the day Saturday in Annapolis with great friends and we ended up at Homestead Gardens, and that’s where these delicious apple cider donuts came from. I also bought a jug of peach apple cider that is now half a jug…totally should’ve bought more. I’ll have to post pics from the Gardens on Crumbs & Creativity soon.
Pumpkin Patch
As for what I wore to the pumpkin patch, I finally got a chance to pull out my very boho hat that I bought at the Gap a few weeks ago. I won’t lie, I have a large head so I was so happy when this hat fit me that I immediately scooped it up. I wanted to be comfy all day so I threw on a heathered brown babydoll dress I bought from Loft a long time ago and paired it with my favorite olive green wrap sweater and a leopard belt to break it all up. What you don’t see are my rust colored tights and brown boots, it was a fall color palette.
Pumpkin Patch
And for makeup I decided to go with a great green eye and nude lip (I love a good nude lip). Keeping the rest of my skin kind of fresh and glowing. I thought I was cute for such a great crisp and breezy fall day.

so that was my weekend, what’d you do? And don’t think I forgot, I’m picking my Swatch winners this evening. Come back tomorrow to see who won.

What I’m wearing: Dress, Loft | Sweater, Gap | Necklace, Fossil | Hat, Gap | Eye Makeup, Bare Escentuals Primer Shadows in Racing Green

8 thoughts on “How to Accessorize | The Pumpkin Patch

  1. This post just gave me a great idea for a fall weekend outfit. I’ll be copying this look this weekend (minus the awesome hat). Thanks!

  2. Love the hat! You look gorgeous. My problem is just the opposite – hats always come right down over my ears – small head.

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