Fashionable Technology | HTC Rhyme

I’m sure you’ve seen this commercial, right? The new Verizon HTC Rhyme. Well, I was up for a phone upgrade in August but I was waiting to hear about the iPhone 5 to see if I really wanted it. I’ve had a Blackberry for years and knew I was ready for a change but I wasn’t completely sold on an iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, they’re cool but I didn’t know if I was an iPhone kind of woman and my husband owns a Droid and raves about it. So I did some research, read lots of reviews, compared several Droids vs the iPhone and I ended up with…
HTC Rhyme
The HTC Rhyme and I think I made the right choice for myself. I still own my iPad and have that Mac experience but I really love the style and handling of this phone. For the full specs on the phone you can got to HTC’s website but I’ll tell you some of the things I love about it.
HTC Rhyme
It comes with this nifty little docking station that turns the phone into an alarm clock, speakerphone and music player. I downloaded a song from Amazon just to try it out and it’s got pretty decent sound quality. The phone also comes with headphones (tangle-free) and a charm that you can plug into your phone and drop your phone in your purse so that the charm lights up if you’re getting a call or a message. Very woman friendly marketing with the accessories. And I hate that when you buy a new phone they barely want to give you the cord to charge it with, not to mention any accessories.

I told my husband that I like to think of this phone as a very techie version of an iPhone. I love the Android Market and that I can send apps to my phone from my desktop and they will automatically download. I’ve pretty much installed all the apps I wanted from an iPhone except for Instagram (but I can still access that via my iPad). The phone is incredibly fast (my Blackberry was 2 years old), the design and styling are incredibly sleek and the camera is decent quality (it’s just as strong as my old point and shoot camera!). It’s light, fits in my pocket or a wristlet and now all I have to do is get used to typing on a touch screen. I haven’t done that since I had an iPod touch. I might miss a keyboard but I’m getting acclimated to it already.

I gave in and got a Droid phone and I’m happy, what kind of cell phone are you using? 

6 thoughts on “Fashionable Technology | HTC Rhyme

  1. I just got the Samsung Galaxy S 2 last week! I’m in love. I’ve been a Droid girl for a couple of years now. For a photo app, try MyTubo. It’s not Instagram but it’s a pretty good app, in my opinion. Congrats on the new phone and enjoy!!

  2. Thanks for your review…I’m due for and upgrade in Jan. and I haven’t been able to decide what I want/need this totally helps!

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