Feathers in my Hair

I’m not a big headband wearer for several reasons. For the last 2 years I’ve kept my hair pretty short, and when it’s this short I kind of forget that I could still wear a headband if I wanted to. The other main reason is that I have a condition called Maximus Domus – in English that means I have a big ass head. I do, I can’t deny it, I have difficulty finding hats that fit and headbands that don’t give me a headache within an hour of wearing them.

The other week when I was in Nordstrom I saw this adorable Tasha Goodness Feather Headband in green and had to have it. It fits on my head, although by 4pm I took it off due to the headache that was brewing, but that was still a long wear time so it makes this a successful purchase.

I love the feathers, they’re just whimsical and fun to me and it switched my hair up for the day. Perhaps I need to look into hair clips like this instead just to avoid major pinching. Anyone else wearing feathers in their hair or is it just me?

4 thoughts on “Feathers in my Hair

  1. i always feel like headbands are squishing my head, it’s like the same feeling that makes turtlenecks so uncomfortable, except on your head lol. lately i’ve started giving them another go, and i’m liking them, though i’ve kept them pretty basic. I did however do a little mini craft project the other day, and made myself a feathered hair clip, with a felt flower; feathers and felt seemed well suited to the fall.

  2. I have a similar headband with a turquoise feather! Super cute! Like you, I can’t wear a headband for long. I get pressure headaches too and they get in the way of my sunglasses 😦 I see so many cute styles, I wish I could wear them more often! Finding one that doesn’t hurt is like finding gold!!

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