Serendipity Red Velvet Sundae

Serendipity 3

Washington, DC got its own Serendipity restaurant with Serendipity 3 in Georgetown. My family went there on Sunday to celebrate my sister’s birthday and I made sure to save room for dessert. 

I’ve been to Serendipity in NY and had one of their famous frozen hot chocolates (a peanut butter frozen hot chocolate to be exact) but this time I went for the red velvet sundae with vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate (I don’t do chocolate on chocolate on chocolate). 

It was good but it wasn’t amazing. I thought the cake was a little dry and I found it odd that they put the hot fudge underneath the ice cream cup on the plate. Why are you making me work for my hot fudge? WHY?! The staff was very accommodating, the manager was silly and joked with us and we had a good time celebrating my sister’s birthday. I’d go back and just order dessert though and not an entire meal. For a glass of water, a salad, a bowl of chili and 2 sundaes the husband and I spent $68. And although that included the tip, I still thought it was a bit overpriced. But I’m always willing to pay a bit more just for dessert. 

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