Verizon Confessions of a Smartaholic with Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union
Last night I went to a Verizon Wireless store in Washington, DC for their Confessions of a Smartaholic series last night with Gabrielle Union. Apparently last month they had Kimora Lee Simmons…I love Kimora and totally would’ve gone to that event but last night was Gabrielle Union. I met up with friends and fellow bloggers Andrea from Stylin’ & Profilin and Andrea from Fly and we were all curious what this event would be about.
Gabrielle Union
I actually ended up getting a seat in the second row (almost took an old lady out…I’m not too good to elbow someone) and got separated from the girls but I was close enough to take pictures. And speaking of pictures, half way through the event when I pulled my camera up to take another series of pictures I got tapped on the shoulder and told, “no pictures.” Um…there were big flashes coming from all around the room and we’re 30 minutes in – NOW you want to say no pictures? Whatever.
Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle spoke one on one with Alesha Renee, a young lady who has done some work for BET. They asked her about her career, life, Hollywood and they briefly asked her about her technology. Gabby’s a Blackberry user. They also opened up the even to questions from the audience and there was a lot of laughter, great discussion and even a few tears. I think I like Gabrielle Union even more now that I’ve been in a up close and personal kind of event with her.

What I didn’t love was the Verizon folks trying to sell some devices. I’m a Verizon customer but the deals they offered at this event weren’t any better than the standard ones they had online. As soon as you walked in the door they hit you up with tablets to “sign in” but really I’m sure they just wanted my contact info to hit me up about Verizon specials. Sales events are never my favorite.

All in all it was a nice event on a Thursday evening. I’d definitely come back to hear other women of color speak about what makes them tick and what makes them so successful. Has anyone else heard or been to one of these Verizon Smartaholics events? I’m curious where else they’re doing them.

4 thoughts on “Verizon Confessions of a Smartaholic with Gabrielle Union

  1. I was at the event as well, and it was AMAZING. I really enjoyed myself. Yeah, Verizon was wrong about the picture thing. I took a whole bunch at the beggining and I am glad that I did. I wasn’t impressed with the sales either 😦

    You got some great shots though 😉

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