The Little Things

I had a lovely Thanksgiving break, I cooked, I ate and I spent time with family. I also did a little knitting for holiday gifts and finally edited the bulk of the Gift Guide photos (I’m still aiming to post that on December 1). In the midst of all the photos I was editing I found this one.
My girlfriend’s little boy loves cameras, he hears the shutter and comes running to see what the image of him will look like (did I mention he’s only 11 months old?). I was taking her picture for the Gift Guide and as soon as the camera snapped he stopped being shy and walked right over to me and wanted me to show him the digital screen on the back. I snapped pics of him in between pictures of her and I just thought this little hand was so precious and sweet that I had to share.

I love this time of year, all the giving, the music, the twinkling lights. It’s the little things that make such great moments. I’m actually excited and ready for December and I hope that I can put some of that excitement and energy into the Gift Guide as I finish it up this week. And since I’m just easing my way back into my work week I thought I’d give you a peek at today’s outfit (no full outfit post, I was running late).
My husband told me he was surprised my color palette was so plain this morning. I’m wearing a cream shift dress with a beige sweater and then he saw my hunter green tights and floral oxfords. He totally took that comment back.

So how was your Thanksgiving break? Do tell!

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