Happy Holidays & Thank You!

DWJI finally got the Holiday Guide up and out and it feels like I have a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I take a lot of the pictures, pull all the items, write it, lay it out and publish it for you guys as my holiday gift to you.

I’ve been asked a lot how I blog and do things like the Holiday Guide AND work a full time job. Sometimes I don’t know. Sometimes it is all a blur. Sometimes it’s so much fun to be wrapped up into something so creative I don’t realize how exhausted I am until it’s over! For the first weekend in weeks I have NOTHING planned. I see lots of laundry and house cleaning in my future (my home office is an absolute MESS! Products and notes everywhere). LOL

I again wanted to say thank you to everyone who has tweeted, Facebook’d and emailed me such great comments and feedback (and even alerted me of my typo…which I’m just going to leave in because it’s just too much to do to add an o). I appreciate your support, encouragement and feedback (good and bad). I’m always trying to learn and grow more with every project I take on. And because I am so thankful that you read the Art of Accessories, I’ll have a giveaway next week for an item I starred in the Holiday Guide!

I won’t be posting on Monday, I’m going to the White House for a Holiday Tweet Up! Can someone pinch me? Cause I don’t think that’s really happening but I got an email saying it is and I’ll share lots of pictures of the White House holiday decorations with you guys on Tuesday. I can’t see a better way to get in the holiday spirit than holiday decorations at the White House, right?!

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and don’t forget if you’re still stumped for gift ideas you can always email me! I love helping with that kind of stuff.

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