Fly Turned 5!

Here’s the honest truth, I am not meant to be a socialite. I’m just not. I don’t like parties, mingling or “networking” and without my number one party partner in crime Jess it is a bit difficult for me to really get up and go to parties and happy hours. BUT my good friend Andrea of Fly blogwas celebrating her blog turning 5 last week at the Anthropologie in Washington, DC so I HAD to come and celebrate.


2 Andreas {Stylin & Profilin on the left - Fly on the right}

If you haven’t checked out Andrea’s blog, you should. She’s a wonderful artist, graphic designer and now college professor! You might also recognize her from last year’s Gift Guide.
The party was held at the Anthropologie store in DC and I love how well the stores are styled. And they smell amazing, the candles are absolute insanity. And I was introduced to Brown Betty cupcakes a Philadelphia treat that Andrea thought DC needed to experience – and they were delicious.
I just thought I’d share a few pics from the evening and congratulate Andrea on 5 fabulous years of being Fly. For the rest of the photos you can always check out my Flickr stream.

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