A Perfect Cup


Who isn’t a fan of hot chocolate? If you’re not then I probably consider you a communist. I will essentially call anyone a communist if they don’t agree with me, so it’s not a big deal.

Well my boss recently changed how I drink my hot chocolate. I’m a lover of the marshmallow but they are always stale when I’m ready for a cup of cocoa and then I’m hostile and no one wants to drink hot cocoa in a hostile environment. My boss told me to put a layer of marshmallow fluff on top of my cocoa in lieu of marshmallows.



Not only does it give you the delicious, melty marshmallow goodness that you want. It also acts as a layer of insulation on your cocoa and keeps it warmer longer. How come no one told me of this genius before?! I will never go fluffless in my pantry ever again.

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