Dreidels & Drinks

Dreidels & Drinks

Dreidel Cookies!

Over the weekend I had lots of holiday cheer sprinkled on me and I went to my very first Dreidels & Drinks party! I worked in higher education for 7 years and left with 2 grad assistants that are like my family. Leah is Jewish and she’s been very cool about teaching me about her faith and her holidays so I was excited for a little pre-Hanukkah celebration.

Dreidels & Drinks

The Hostess & Me

Can I say that if I’m the black Martha Stewart, Leah is the Jewish Martha Stewart. Everything was so adorably decorated that I didn’t want to eat anything it was so perfect!
Dreidels & Drinks
The thing that cracked me up the most was before the party she asked me if she’d make it on the blog if her party was a success. LOL I didn’t know getting your own post on the The Art of Accessories or Crumbs & Creativity was a life highlight but I’m going to oblige her.
Dreidels & Drinks
Another added bonus of the evening, I got to see a couple of former students and catch up. Cait (pictured above left) was wearing a very cool chunky black knitted scarf that she bought at the Gap. I’m now on a mission to knit one in a vibrant shade that’s just as chunky and fun as hers. I feel like I need it in my favorite shade of green…

And since tonight marks the first night of Hanukkah I thought it was only proper for me to share my first pre-Hanukkah party. Happy Hanukkah!

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    • Jen, I’m glad you’ve stopped lurking 😉 I have seen that pattern and made it but now I want to use bigger needles and a solid color to see if I can really get that same look and feel. I’ll have to share on the blog 🙂

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