Spreading Holiday Cheer & My Holiday Hiatus

Snickerdoodles for the office!


It’s that time of year, my holiday baking has begun! Yesterday I took 3 dozen Snickerdoodles and a quart of homemade French vanilla ice cream to work – who knew adults could get so giddy or ice cream and cookies? I’ve been blasting holiday music in my house while baking and tonight I have to bake cookies for my husband’s office. I was even handing out lip glosses and mascaras to coworkers – I like to spread holiday cheer.

Since it is the holiday season, consider this a bit of a hiatus for The Art of Accessories. I have lots of fun products to talk about that I’ve gotten lately but I feel like I need to wait for 2012 to start posting fresh. Don’t worry, there will be sporadic posts but nothing consistent. You can always follow me on Twitter to see what I’m up to and I’ll post some holiday photos as well. And if you aren’t sure how to dress for that holiday party or New Year’s Eve ball make sure to check out the Holiday Guide to get a little style and beauty inspiration.

Happy Holidays!

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