The End of the Year in Pictures

Yes, I’m back from my holiday hiatus even though I don’t go back to work until tomorrow. It’s been wonderful being at home, with family, with friends in NY. I love this winter/holiday break we have every year. This January will mark the 4th year of the Art of Accessories – I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and how much the site has evolved and the things I’ve been able to do over the last 4 years. I don’t know what the future will hold but I’m still moving forward and have lots of ideas for new projects and fun things to do. I also thought to ease myself back into blogging I’d share some of the pictures I took over the holidays.
NYC 2011
My husband is from Brooklyn, so typically for the holidays we spend Christmas Eve with my family and get up on Christmas morning and drive to NY while everyone on the east coast is opening presents. It’s a lovely ride, listening to Christmas music and laughing and in the evening the husband likes to go down to 5th Ave to check out the holiday windows and the tree at Rockefeller Center. This was something he always did as a teenager and he is kind enough to share the tradition with me.
NYC 2011
I have to admit, my favorite was the window at Tiffany & Co. I usually take pictures in black and white because of the lights but their windows were so magical I switched over to color.
NYC 2011
NYC 2011
The animals in a carousel came a live and traveled through each window. It was simply gorgeous.
NYC 2011
NYC 2011
I also loved the sparkle in the windows at Miu Miu. My husband didn’t think any real person would wear something with this much sparkle (hello, have you never met me?).
NYC 2011
He then asked if these were real shoes anyone would buy, he thought they were just fancy stripper heels…I could see where he got that idea.
NYC 2011
I didn’t grab a pretzel while on the streets of NY, that night every vendor smelled like they were burning everything but I did take pictures. I love carbs, what can I say!
NYC 2011
So as I start of 2012 I’m already thinking about what I hope this year will bring and what I hope to accomplish. I’ve got a lot on my mind and hopefully I can make it all come true.

How was your holiday season? Share!

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