How to Accessorize | The First of the Year

Bonus points for @kenyc24 making wrapping paper for my gifts :)
For Christmas this year my husband bought me a new very kick ass tripod. I know, I get very geeky when it comes to my tech toys and accessories and I have to admit the husband can pick out some cool stuff. He also wrapped it in homemade wrapping paper (I adore Calvin & Hobbes) so he gets double points for being cute and creative. I of course didn’t play with my new tripod before I snapped pics yesterday so you’ve only got 2 photos to see my first work outfit of the year. LOL Don’t worry, I’m still playing around with it.
First of the year
I will be the first to admit, anything that is blousy makes me feel like I’m wearing a maternity top (no, no baby for the new year) but they’re so comfy that I can’t help but wear them. I got this top from the Gap on sale the other week for about $7 but I love it. The floral print looks like an ikat print up close, very cool. It’s very loose and billowy below the chest and a bit longer in the back.
First of the year
I paired the top with a navy corduroy pencil skirt, burgundy tights, grey ankle boots and a new fun necklace Jess gave me for Christmas. It was the first really cold day we’ve had yesterday but I was bundled up in a long wool burgundy coat. Today they’re talking about 18 degrees outside…no thank you. I am not a fan of winter at all. I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of tights and long coats on me in the future.

How do you keep warm in the winter weather?

What I’m Wearing: Top, Gap | Skirt, Gap Outlet | Tights, We Love Colors | Ankle Boots, Steve Madden | Necklace, Gift 

5 thoughts on “How to Accessorize | The First of the Year

  1. Happy New Year sunshine! Great Outfit! I so need to wear more skirts. You make them look so easy. To keep warm in the winter I layer up on scarfs. For me if my neck is warm all else is warm. Strange right?
    And we need to get together soon, the BF bought me the 60mm lens for xmas and I have no clue how to use it to its best ability. I need a lesson from you 🙂

  2. LOVE this outfit! You look adorable! I know the feeling with those blousy tops…but I wear them anyway also 🙂 It’s all about feely comfy some days!

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