Grey Days & Neon Knitting

The fog
This morning when I kissed my husband goodbye and opened the door (I get to work from home on occasion) I saw that our neighborhood was covered in a deep grey fog. Kind of spooky. Of course I picked up my camera and snapped a few pics.
The fog
This weather in Maryland and DC has been so crazy lately. Freezing in the morning and 60 degrees by the afternoon – what is going on?! And even though it’s gloomy and nasty outside, I’m working on something bright and colorful inside.
Neon Knitting
I’ve been playing around with different techniques and things I can do with the knitting skills I learned last year and of course I’ve been gravitating towards accessories. I bought some super bright neon yarn when I went to NY in November and it is super soft cotton. So I decided to pair it with cream and teal yarn and create links. We’ll see how this project goes, it might turn out to be a very cool statement piece. Who knows, I just love experimenting and creating something new.
Neon Knitting
And speaking of knitting, a friend of mine on Facebook posted an awesome link. If you’re a knitter you might want to knit a scarf for the Special Olympics! When I read this I knew immediately that I would have to participate. I’ve got to send in a scarf or two before February 13th for Maryland’s delegation. I think that’s just a wonderful way to put my knitting skills to use.

4 thoughts on “Grey Days & Neon Knitting

  1. The fog pictures look like something out of a movie…U captured some great shots!!!! Knitting a scarf for the Special Olympics is AWESOME!!!! I can’t wait to see once you finish it!

  2. Just wanted you to know that after years of reading your blog and years of completing DIY projects, I finally tried my hand at knitting! You inspired me to try something new and I look forward to plenty of winter days completing scarves and throws. I only have the knit stich and purl stitch under my belt, but practice makes perfect. Thanks for your inspiration and wonderful stories about your knitting experiences. Hope to read more soon! Thanks again!

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