How to Accessorize | I’m Layering it up!

The weather is dreadful. We’re in full on winter and I hate it. Iciness, a little bit of snow and just bitter cold – so what do I do? I dress in lots and lots of layers. I do not really like to wear pants, I think I get that from my grandmother. In order to stay warm while still wearing a skirt or dress I tend to layer it up.

This morning I finally pulled this Loft dress my friend gave me for Christmas out of the closet. It’s a dark olive green, almost brown dress so for me it’s a blank canvas. It’s a basic that you can do a lot with depending on your mood. It fits me slightly oddly in the midsection so I decided I needed to replace the wrap belt it came with and use my snakeskin belt. And what goes with a snakeskin belt? A cream and gold striped cardigan of course.

I decided to keep my tights dark and neutral today (chocolate brown) and wear my slouchy olive suede boots even in the yucky weather. And for just a little bit of color I added my favorite bird’s nest necklace for fun. I haven’t worn this one in a while. I’m also playing around with places in my house to take pictures in the morning now. So I apologize for the single photo and it’s a bit too dark for my taste. I’ve been moving things around and with the new full tripod it’s hard to find a good space for pictures that’s not too cluttered looking. So what do you wear to keep warm?

  • Dress, Loft
  • Belt, NY & Co.
  • Tights, We Love Colors
  • Boots, Nine West
  • Cardigan, Ann Taylor
  • Necklace, Queen Bee Designs

2 thoughts on “How to Accessorize | I’m Layering it up!

  1. So Help me with some layering and accessorizing.. I just got an adorable brown Corduroy shirt dress from kohls for a way good deal.. but I got stuck on what do do with it.
    shoes is not the issue.. its how to brighten it up and belt it properly… any suggestions above what you have in the picture.. which is absolutely lovely!

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