2012 Miami Marathon Trip
Saturday marked my 4th year in the blogosphere. YAY! I think it was only appropriate that I happened to be in Miami with my family on a day to celebrate. Why Miami? My husband was running in the ING Miami Marathon…the full marathon.
2012 Miami Marathon Trip
Out of 25,000 people who signed up for the marathon, only 4,000 were running the full. My husband started running about 2 years ago and he started with a 10k in 2010, moved on to a half marathon in 2011 and decided on a marathon in 2012. 26.2 miles is a long way to run and I was so proud of him. He also ran with a purpose and raised money for Pancreatic Cancer. I even helped him set up his very on site, Run, Kenny, Run! so he could collect donations and blog. He of course didn’t blog that much but he was still proud that he had his own site.
2012 Miami Marathon Trip
Watching the folks on the street running and feeling the energy was pretty awesome. My Dad and I were up at 4am to get my husband to the starting coral on time. We ran all over Miami taking pictures of him and giving him high fives to keep his energy up. We were both exhausted and sore by the end of the day but not nearly as tired as Kenny was. It was totally worth it.
2012 Miami Marathon Trip
I am not a runner but I can truly applaud all of the folks that trained for this marathon (full or half) and accomplished their goal. I saw people limping across the finish line, dripping in sweat and looking more exhausted than I’ve ever seen in my life. But the moment you saw them with their medal after crossing the finish line you knew it was totally worth it.
2012 Miami Marathon Trip
I’m so proud of you, Kenny!

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