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2012 Miami Marathon Trip
Ahhhh…Miami. It is definitely one of my favorite cities but I hadn’t been back in years. Since we went down for the Miami Marathon we turned it into a family vacation and I was there from Thursday through Tuesday. The weather was a wonderful 75 degrees or a little higher and I was able to pull out summer sandals. Gosh my toes loved coming out.
2012 Miami Marathon Trip
For my trip I went with lots of color…although I feel like that’s what I do for every day dressing anyway. But I’ve been obsessed with neon pink lately and I wanted to wear stripes and lots of flowy shapes. I felt very Miami, I even pulled out my white jeans.
2012 Miami Marathon Trip
This was a top I picked up at Target randomly the other week and I got a lot of compliments on it. My husband loved how the sleeves looked when I would spin – because of course I couldn’t stop spinning.
2012 Miami Marathon Trip
And I don’t know if you’ve noticed my homemade accessory in the photos but I’ve made a super cut knit linked necklace. I found a super bright pink yarn and paired it with a very soft dove grey. I wore it almost every day and with so many different combinations. I’m now obsessed with knitting them and giving them away to friends.

Now that’s my wardrobe philosophy for Miami, what do you pack when going to a warmer climate?

6 thoughts on “How to Accessorize | Miami Cool

  1. I love your pic at the top of your blog AND I love hearing about your knitting projects. I can knit a tad and you inspire me to take the plunge to try a small project. Thinking of making a hat for my new grandbaby Mattie….hmmm.

  2. Love your Miami outfits!! You look fabulous! Since I’m from PA and have lived in South FL for almost 10 years, I did have to change my wardrobe a bit…but I gotta tell ya…people still wear what I call “winter” clothes down here! And now I wear white ALL year long (sorry Mom), even after Labor Day! And of course, anything goes in Miami 🙂

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