Shop Suey Society | The Dana Necklace

Dana Necklace
Allow me to introduce you to my namesake, the Dana necklace. The folks at Shop Suey Boutique are introducing color stories this month and for the color green in my honor they named this lovely necklace after me! I felt so special.

I love things that share your same name (remember when I found Dana nail polish?) and I really love this little piece. It’s a series of gold tone and green links strung together in a really creative way. I didn’t really how cool and unique it looked until I actually put it on.

I was thinking about what outfit to pair this necklace with and for my weekend I was really casual. Lots of cooking for the Super Bowl so I thought I’d really just highlight the necklace. It’s a nice little pop of color with just a long sleeve white scoop neck and jeans but I’ve also worn it with a great green and blue colorblocked outfit. I own lots of pieces with little subtle bits of green in them, so this necklace will really help bring that color out.

Unfortunately, the Dana has already sold out! 😦 But I also love the Suzy necklace too and it’s a very similar style but with more color!

Don’t forget, you get 20% off using the code ART20 at the Shop Suey Boutique and you can always follow them on Facebook and Twitter for giveaways!

3 thoughts on “Shop Suey Society | The Dana Necklace

  1. I love the Dana necklace! It’s so fun and colorful and is going to be a great statement necklace. I can’t wait to see your outfits that you pair up with it.

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