Color of the Moment | Neon Pink

One of the most searched things on the Art of Accessories was color.I love color. My dream job would be to work at Pantone as a color picker. My house is incredibly colorful (that’s where all the colorful backdrops for photos comes from) and I think my wardrobe and accessories are extremely colorful. I thought a new feature would be to share some of my color love so I’m introducing the color of the moment. Just a color that has captured my fancy at this particular moment and the first color is…
Color of the moment, neon pink
Neon shades are really having a comeback right now and it’s much cooler and fresher than the previous eighties version. I love when they take a classic shape like the blazer from the Gap but do it in such a bright hue. I also think my weekend wardrobe could be easily more vibrant with bright pink jeggings and that my work wardrobe could benefit from a stunning silver and neon pink linked necklace. I’m in love with this shade because it’s not such a girly bubble gum pink but kind of a bad ass pink shouting – look at me! I love that about it.
Swatch New Gent Collection in Pink Lacquered
I’m all over bright neon pink accessories. The new Swatch New Gent Collection has a ton of bright hues but I’m stuck on the Pink Lacquered watch. I love the colorful insides of the watch and the super bright outsides – this would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for me.

And if you haven’t noticed, I’ve even gone gaga for neon pink in my knitting. Every bold shade of yarn I can find has been in my basket and I don’t think I can stop. From knitted links to cozy cowls I’m all about neon pink brightening up my wardrobe and accessories are such a great way to do that. I’ve yet to find the perfect shade of neon pink lipstick but when I do I’ll definitely share it here. So if neon pink having a moment with you too?

2 thoughts on “Color of the Moment | Neon Pink

  1. My favorite color never looked so good!! That necklace is everything right now. Just wish the price was cheaper. Anywho great post and your knitting skills are on point Miss Lady! Love Love Love

    PS we so need to have a crafts day. You make the most awesome peices

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