Sweet Treats From Super Bowl Sunday

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl but I did catch a lot of the commercials online. My favorite is the M&M’s Ms. Brown commercial. I love that they finally have a brown M&M and that she’s a female (voiced by Vanessa Williams). I always loved Ms. Green (voiced by Cree Summers) but I adore the smart and sassy Ms. Brown. My husband keeps saying that when he sees the commercial he thinks of me. This commercial cracks me up.

My other sweet treat from Super Bowl Sunday was a batch of Browned Butter and Course Salt Rice Krispie Treats. Actually this was my second batch, the first batch was made the day before in preparation for the Super Bowl but my husband, sister and brother-in-law (and me) plowed through those pretty quickly so I had to make another batch. I would’ve taken pictures of these when they were sliced up but again, they were plowed through by guests. Oh well. They were quick and easy to make and are an adult spin on a childhood favorite. I’d definitely recommend making these for your next party.

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