NYX Cosmetics Butt “Naked” Eye Palette

I got a card once that asked if it was butt naked or bucked naked…if you ask NYX it’s the Butt “Naked” Eyes Palette. The longer I blog the more I love palettes, before blogging I kind of hated them. I cannot lie. Now I love that palettes like the Butt Naked Eyes palette gives me a lot of options in one slim little case. I was super excited when the folks at NYX sent it to me for a review. Although my shadow draw is a rainbow of colors, with my recent love of bold lip colors I’ve been needing to build up my neutral eye collection to help balance out the bright colors I’ve been rocking on my lips.
The palette is jammed with 15 neutral eye colors that go from matte to neutral, 4 pink toned blushes, 2 highlighters and a bronzer – that’s a lot in one palette and it’s only $25. What?!
NYX Eyes
It’s the perfect balance of neutral staples with soft blushes and highlighters. Only one blush is a little too light for me but if that’s my only complaint in the palette…I’m good. This was the only palette I packed with me on our trip to Miami and I thought it was pretty versatile. I could do a little smoky on the eyes on just keep it simple. Totally loved this palette and would definitely suggest picking it up.

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