My Funny Valentine(s)

Remember the Valentine I shared on Friday that I found from the Craft Department at Martha Stewart? Well I took it up a notch and made it my own. My husband and I got engaged this time of year in 2002 so even though we aren’t super romantic people, we do give each other Valentines. It kind of commemorates the day. We also renewed our vows in Vegas on the 16 of February in 2009 so we like to celebrate our re-anniversary that day too.
My Valentine
So for this little mini Valentine I decided to take pictures to spell out I Love You for my husband. The first had to be my eye. Since my husband loves when I make crazy faces I thought this one was appropriate.
My Valentine
I decided to go old school and just make a heart with my hands. There were lots of things I could’ve done but this was the easiest.
My Valentine
And for the you I decided using my iPad would help express who I really love, and feature his picture from the marathon. I laid the pictures out in Photoshop making sure each image was the same size (the long image was the size of the two horizontal images stacked on top of each other for the folding to work properly) and then popped them into a Word document to print out. I have a big color laser printer at home but you could do this at a UPS Store or Kinko’s Office and have them print it on cardstock. My husband loved it so much he took it to work and pinned it up in his office.
I was also lucky that I had three more Valentines yesterday too. My cousins and I try to have a taco night at least once a month to get together and just laugh. We decided a Valentine’s day edition of Taco Tuesday was in order so my husband and I brought flowers and red velvet cookies to share with our Valentines. Yesterday couldn’t have been more fun. How was your Valentine’s Day? Hopefully it was full of love!

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