3 Things {That Just Happen to All Be Green!}

I’ve got three good things on my mind today, so I thought I’d share them with you.
Yellow Heart Art
I ordered this poster from Yellow Heart Art on Etsy last week. It sums up the feeling of my kitchen and I can’t wait for it to arrive.
A Diva & 3 Dudes Designs
This camera strap was also another Etsy purchase from A Diva & Three Dudes Designs. It arrived yesterday and I put it on my camera as soon as I could rip the packaging off. I’ve made my own camera strap covers before but this one was padded, came in a lovely green chevron strip, has a little pocket to hold my lens cap and it was only $15. Sometimes I’d rather purchase an item than deal with making it myself, especially when it’s sewn so much better by someone else.
Deux Lux
In the Gift Guide I talked about a gorgeous line of bags with sequin bottoms, Deux Lux Handbags. Well last night at Nordstrom Rack I picked up a canvas olive green satchel with mint green sequins – a fantastic color combo of my favorite color – for $45. To say I was beyond elated is an understatement. I also just realized, all of my three things have some shade of green in them. HA! So those are my three things I thought I’d share with you, want to share three things with me?

3 thoughts on “3 Things {That Just Happen to All Be Green!}

  1. You crack me up with your love of green. My favorite color is purple and I have it everywhere so I really can’t talk. But I want to see all of that bag, the sequins have me intrigued!

  2. I absolutely love the poster! Definitely have to look for something like that.

    One thing I’d like to share is my newfound love for nail polish. I actually found a nail polish club I like (great environmental product out of Seattle) that has an awesome blog too! The blog posts show lots of creative nail designs that aren’t too complicated. My favorite is about how to do Polka Dots on your nails in varying colors. (http://blog.julep.com/julep-notd-its-all-about-the-polka-dots)

    I’m still practicing, but I love it!

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