New Shoes

new shoes
Over the last year I’ve purged a lot of old clothes, accessories, things that didn’t fit or just weren’t me anymore. That has left some holes in my closet. Don’t you hate that moment where you have a great outfit planned but you don’t have the shoes to execute it all the way? I’ve also realized I don’t do sky high heels anymore (unless they have a huge platform in them and even then it is doubtful) so I’ve been revamping my shoe collection to fit my style and comfort level more.

I popped into Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack on Tuesday and found two pairs of shoes on a random Tuesday night. I love when that happens. I picked up the Hinge ‘Lanie’ Pump at Nordstrom on sale. The heel isn’t bad but the shoes are actually comfy. I also love the perforated leather. I can wear them now with contrasting color tights peaking out or wear them in the spring when the weather warms up. After I left Nordstrom I walked across the street to the Nordstrom Rack and picked up these cute DV by Dolce Vita pink slipper/flats with studs. A great little punch of color. I had on maroon tights when I tried on the pink shoes and I think might need to be my next color combination. It was so bold and bright! My shoe wardrobe isn’t perfect but it’s getting better. I’m really trying to only buy pieces that draw me in and I instantly fall in love with. I definitely want to let my personality shine through. Have you bought any new shoes lately? Tell me!

4 thoughts on “New Shoes

  1. I love your new footware! I have been struggling with my footware as of late. I’m having a hard time finding cute comfy shoes since I’ve had surgery on my foot it’s hard to find shoes that don’t look like granny shoes!!!

  2. Love the smoking slipper! That’s the it shoe for Spring! I’ve been thinking I need to get rid of some of my super high heels too…does that mean we’re getting old??

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