3 Things

Here are three things that I’m happy about right now.
Knitting has become incredibly therapeutic for me. I’ve got three projects going on at once right now and I just switch back and forth. Sometimes I get a little bored repeating a pattern so I like to mix it up. I’ve also been asked a lot for some of my link necklaces by friends and even readers. I may do a little shop and sell them if I can make up a bunch this spring. I’ll keep you posted on that.
This has become my favorite breakfast. A bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, a cup of tea and a piece of fruit. Even on the weekends when I would typically make a good hot breakfast, my husband and I have both been going for the Oatmeal Squares. We’ve run through the Costco box incredibly quickly.
I truly believe that color makes everything better. Right now it’s making my wardrobe better during this odd transitional period between winter and spring. I don’t go for bare legs until we have consistent 65 degree and up temperatures. I just hate being cold. So for the next month I’ve decided I’m just going to wear every single pair of tights in my collection (and there are a lot) to help bright up my day and my outfits. Today I’m wearing a gorgeous pair of turquoise Spanx tights that I found at Nordstrom rack. This color is seriously gorgeous in person and of course I’ve been wearing my hot pink coat with everything so that just gives me a great color explosion every morning on my way to work. And how can that not brighten my day? So tell me 3 new things with you!

2 thoughts on “3 Things

  1. 1. I am engaged!
    2. I’ve been adding color by way of two fabulous knit pencil skirts I picked up from Target.
    3. I’m planning a clothing swap in Southern California, a wedding, teaching Saturday school, and trying not to lose my mind.


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