Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees in DC. It was insanely windy but still warm with the promise of spring coming soon. I had plans to meet a friend for dinner but had forgotten and gotten super excited when my husband suggested we go to the driving range after work. My friend forgave me and we rescheduled for next week and off to the range the husband and I went.
Anniversary Golf
I think I learned how to play golf in 2006, it’s so long ago now that I honestly don’t remember. I didn’t play my first 9 holes until 2007 and then that summer I joined a women’s league to get practice. Last night I realized how much I’ve missed golf. My husband was watching me warm up, worried I’d miss and my first shot was beautiful. The sound of the club pinging the ball perfectly is music to my ears. It all came flooding back to me.

When I was laid off or had pay cuts at work extra activities like golf were the first thing I cut and last summer I just didn’t have the time or I never made the time to play. I played once in 2011 – that’s just sad. One summer my husband and I played 9 holes after work once a week for almost the entire summer until the heat just became unbearable. That was a pretty awesome summer too. I love that he wanted me to learn how to play golf so I could spend hours outside with him doing something he enjoys instead of using golf as an excuse to get away from me (thanks, honey). The picture of me on the green above is from 2010 when we celebrated our wedding anniversary by taking a half day at work and playing 18 holes at Rock Creek and I went to sleep thinking about my drive and how I needed to work on getting the most out of my hybrid. Now if I could only find some friends my age that played too, I’d be a really happy woman. Is anyone else out there a golfer?

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