Guacamole Hummus!

I’ve talked about how much I love guacamole and how my guacamole is pretty awesome. In the store the other day I saw avocados on sale but I actually didn’t want guacamole – odd but true. Instead I decided to make a tasty snack for work. Guacamole Hummus!
I enjoy hummus and eat it as a snack on occasion but I love guacamole hummus. It just has such a great flavor to it. I also used the latest batch of hummus as my excuse to buy a bigger food processor. I had one of those tiny 1.5 cup food processors and I could barely get an entire can of chickpeas in that thing, so I popped over to Walmart and just picked up the Black & Decker 10 cup food processor so that I could actually get something blended in one large batch. I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter, I forgot to pick up cilantro (and it’s a favorite herb of mine) so I put in a bit of onion to add to the flavor and it was still so tasty.
I’d definitely suggest this as a quick dip for a party, it’s tasty with pita chips and pretzel chips. I’ll have to try it on a sandwich next, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as messy as regular avocado slices but still just as tasty. Has anyone else made guacamole hummus before?

2 thoughts on “Guacamole Hummus!

  1. nope…..but we love avocados!! we did make edamame hummus before. Gray loves hummus (calls it ‘hum’) and has gobbled up edamame and all kinds of beans. it was good and a fun color like your guac hummus.

  2. WAIT… i just read the martha recipe. THREE cups of cilantro wow!! I love cilantro too, but that sounds like a crazy lot of cilantro 🙂

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