Beards & Bow Ties

Bow Tie
I forgot I never shared these pictures of my husband’s style from the other weekend. I have to admit, I think he’s pretty adorable but that’s expected since I’m his wife. I’ve shared his style before and although I did steer his style into a more refined direction over the years he has truly taken on his own style and makes his own bold choices. His most recent choice? Bow ties.
Bow Tie
Kendell already loves a bold tie so when he said he wanted to try wearing a bow tie I was all for it. We picked up this great green and blue one from the Marshalls down the street (and haven’t seen a bow tie there since!). My friend Steven gave him a few tips on how to tie a bow tie and Kendell is now wearing them like a pro.
Bow Tie
And to really complete any outfit, my husband has to have bold socks. I love it! Even he knows how to accessorize. Do you have a stylish man in your life? What’s his favorite thing to wear?

What He Wore: Shirt, Ralph Lauren | Sweater, Gap | Jacket, DKNY | Bow Tie, Tommy Hilfiger | Socks, Nordstrom Rack | Shoes, Bass

3 thoughts on “Beards & Bow Ties

  1. I LOVE stylish men. There is a young gentleman at my work that I consider a well-dressed man. He’s cut and coiffed, and his attire is always flawless in fit. Cut is extremely important, especially if it’s not tailor made. Being color coordinated is always key, and I love surprises in unexpected places–like my boss who wears pink socks with the sublest of suits. The gentleman at my work that I love to see, also takes the time to insert a pocket square, which I also think has a nice impact. But above all–it’s confidence, as seen above, your man has it–I think, if you carry yourself well, you’ll look stylish no matter what you have on.

  2. Great look! Attention always beats no attention. I am a master of beards and I think if he is going for a full bead look he should let it grow further so his neckline looks sharper and beard darker, it would a good contrast to the bow tie. Or try a sharp pencil chinstrap connecting to the mustache. I think it would set his look off.

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