Spring Cleaning & a Trip to Walgreens

I woke up this morning swearing, I was not happy that my weekend was over. I had a lovely weekend of nice weather and hanging out with my family. Why are weekends only two days? Who came up with that idea?! Since the weather has been so warm here on the east coast and it doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon I decided to do a little spring cleaning and transitioning of my closet. Whenever it’s spring cleaning time I also feel the need to look at my skincare and beauty items that need to be updated.
With the changes in weather I always look at my face wash and moisturizer. My skin has been going a little crazy lately (random breakouts) so I picked up a facial wash with salycic acid in it and then I picked up Ponds Dry Skin Cream for face to help keep my skin hydrated. I’ve been feeling a bit dry and that’s never good. I also picked up Visine Soothing Wipes to remove my eye makeup and help sooth what will soon be itchy pollen infested eyes.I decided to switch up my foundation and since I couldn’t find a tinted moisturizer I wanted to drop so much money on (why are they all $40 and up?!) I decided to grab Iman Luxury Radiance Liquid Foundation and a Beauty Sponge to blend my makeup. I like to sheer out foundation with a sponge with water or with a little moisturizer.
And the latest beauty buy that I picked up on my lunch break the other day is a perfect hot pink shade of lipstick! I’ve been mildly obsessed with the Lip Perfection line of lipstick, I love the formula and how great the color wears. I discovered Powderpuff Pink in the Queen Collection and I’m incredibly happy. I’ve been searching for a matte hot pink and typically I would go to MAC but all of their matte hot pinks sell out within a day of being introduced. Since that irritates me to no end I decided to search elsewhere and CoverGirl came to the rescue. So those are a few of my new seasonal beauty buys, is there anything that you renew when the seasons change?

One thought on “Spring Cleaning & a Trip to Walgreens

  1. it must be spring…i never thought about it, but i am the same way. new makeup, lotions, etc…i love your lipstick color. and i know people who swear by ponds. i love the smell, it reminds me of my grandma when she used to slather it on her face every night (and she did have beautiful skin)!

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