3 Things

Here are three things that I love right now.
It's officially spring when I pull out my favorite paisley coat. A great @tjmaxx find from years ago.
It is officially spring to me when I pull out this coat. I have had this coat for probably 7 years now or longer. I bought it at a TJ Maxx one year and loved it. People love to tell me they either love it or hate it (why do people think you want to know if they hate something you’re wearing?) but I have loved this coat since the moment I saw it. The bold paisley print, the great contrasting pink and green. Favorite coat hands down.
I don’t know why but I love these signs underneath the bridges in DC. My husband, the structural engineer, explained that they’re signs to identify bridges but of course I like to think they’re some crazy code with a secret meaning like in Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons. I do like a good mystery…remember when I found the golden ticket?
And my most favorite thing of all right now, is this corner of my house. We recently made this wall a gallery wall of photos (that I love) and made that the focal point of our living room. I cleaned out some of the clutter in the space and just made this a great space to sit in my huge chair and knit or paint my nails or watch TV. I love this little space in my home. I love all the color and that my loved ones are front and center in my home. Feel free to share three things you love right now with me!

4 thoughts on “3 Things

    • You would be surprised. I had a coworker tell me he thought the coat was horrid one year and then the next year he loved it. Or I get that, “that’s an unusual coat…” comment. No, it’s just a paisley, what’s so unusual about that?

  1. Hey Lady – love your site…….I have a question for you I saw your living room curtains in another post love them – where did you buy them…My living room has a touch of orange, red and yellow……

    Blessings your SisterFriend from Long Beach

    • Hi Vanessa, I actually bought the fabric for the curtains at Ikea and a friend of mine made them for me before I bought a sewing machine!

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