3 Types of Eggs

Breakfast: oatmeal toast, chicken sausage, poached eggs #marchphotoaday
If you follow me on Instagram (I’m theaofa) you may have noticed that I take pictures of food a lot and that I’ve been eating a lot of eggs lately. A few weeks ago my cousin Amelia spent the night and we talked about the things I love to cook (hello braised beef) and what I love to eat, mainly a good poached egg. But I had never poached an egg before. She asked how one would so so, I looked it up, found this technique and she tried and it and Instagrammed me the results. Of course that mean I had to try it for myself.
Salmon, an oddly shaped poached egg & pesto for breakfast. Delicious! #marchphotoaday
And now I am an egg poaching fool. I love that moment you break into the egg and the yolk bursts creating this amazing flavor. Poached eggs are currently my crack.
The benefits of working from home when @kenyc24 takes the day off - he makes omelets!
I was also lucky enough that on Wednesday when my husband took the day off of work and I worked from home he made me the most delicious shrimp omelet I’ve had in a while. Shrimp, tomatoes, onions, cheese and a little sprinkling salsa – what a way to start off the day.
I like my eggs poached or made from chocolate...
But my favorite egg of all to have? A Cadbury egg. I finally cracked open my first one of the season yesterday because I know once I have one I can’t stop. I might have to have one every day until Easter. Why are these so delicious?! And why can’t we get the Cadbury Creme Egg Candy Bars at my local Walgreens?! It’s a crime and a shame but I will gladly drown my sorrows in a few Cadbury Eggs over the weekend. Have a good weekend!

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