PixiGlow Collection by PIXI Beauty

The other week the folks at PIXI Beauty sent over their new six piece PixiGlow collection, inspired by Tinkerbell!
Out of this collection I really love the versatility of the Fairy Face Palette. I’ve been carrying this kit around in my purse so that I can do a touch up in the evening if I go out after work. The shadows give a soft and subtle shimmer, the blush is very pretty and the lip colors are universally flattering. I also love the Magic Tink Tint, a tinted lip balm in a fat crayon. I don’t know why I love fat crayon lip colors, I think it reminds me of when I was a kid and I had a box of the big Crayolas.
PIXI also has some of my FAVORITE eyeliner and their Straight on Till Morning Liner comes in a gorgeous golden green shade that complimented this neutral shimmer collection to perfection.
The overall look is a great neutral collection with not over the top shimmer. It is definitely great for spring but it’s the kind of collection that you want all year long because it is so versatile. You can buy PIXI Beauty products at Target or online. Have you tried anything in the collection yet? Or are you looking for something to add to your spring beauty routine?

One thought on “PixiGlow Collection by PIXI Beauty

  1. You turned me on to this liner before and it is major. I may need this shade and the palette. I like neutral stuff that’s a bit more jazzed up.

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