Ginger Cookies

Have you ever had the vegan ginger cookies at Whole Foods? Yeah, they’re pretty amazing. A nice bite of ginger, soft and chewy goodness. It’s like eating the best gingersnap you’ve ever had. I’ve been craving them so I decided I needed to just make myself a batch of ginger cookies last night.
I searched Google for ginger cookies and this was the first recipe I saw so I went with it. The only thing I didn’t have in my pantry already was the molasses and that was easily resolved with a trip to Whole Foods on my way home.
All I need to say is, YUM! They’re slightly crispy on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside. My husband immediately went into hoarder mode not wanting to share them with anyone but I know we don’t need two dozen cookies all to ourselves. I’ve got another cookie that’s easy and quick to add to my list of sweet treats to make. Perhaps you should try making them this weekend!

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