3 {Lazy Weekend} Things

This was my view for the majority of my weekend, I got up and out Saturday morning and when I came back home I climbed right on back into bed where my husband had been all day. We even ordered a pizza and ate it in bed on Saturday night. We’ve been married almost nine years and people always ask us about having kids and although we’d be perfectly fine if we had a baby, we’re perfectly fine with weekends of laziness doing absolutely nothing together.
Peach cider
Late Sunday I drove over the farmer’s market and grocery store to grab a few things and I’m so glad I go up because they had my FAVORITE! McCutcheon’s Peach Cider was in stock! This cider comes from Maryland and has to be some of the sweetest, most delicious beverage I’ve ever had. I had to hold back from buying more than one jug.
Double lattice
And while I was spending my weekend resting in bed, I also worked on mastering a new and difficult stitch in knitting – the double lattice. It’s an intricate stitch that involves a twist and I wanted to learn it for a baby blanket. I think I pulled my work apart three times before it really clicked and I got into the groove with it. I’m glad my patience paid off in the end. So what are three things you did this weekend?

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