My Go To Beauty Look Featuring Buxom Pen & Ink Liner

I know, I know I haven’t done an outfit post in ages. Setting up a tripod, finding the right lighting and trying to get out the door in the morning just aren’t working out for me. Instead I decided to snap a few pics this morning because I liked my beauty look. I don’t mind pushing the beauty boundaries at work (I just don’t wear glitter) but when allergy season is in high gear and the weather starts getting warmer this is the look that I gravitate towards.
Black or a chocolate brown liner on the top and a pop of color on the bottom lash line, a flushed pink cheek and pink lips. I have to say hands down pink is my favorite lip color. I’m pretty sure I own about 75 pink glosses and lipsticks.
For today’s eye I’m using the new Buxom Pen & Ink Long Last Eyeliner (that was sent to me for review). This pen liner is a bit different than others because of the shape of the tip, and that makes it easy to do a thin or a thick line – especially if you’re a newbie with liquid liner. I looove liquid liner, that was actually the first kind of liner that I ever tried as a teenager, so I always feel like I’m a pro. I’ve used the liner to do a very thin line to a bold winged out cat eye and the formula is waterproof and lasts all day along without any smudging or flaking. I’m definitely adding this to my black liner keeper pile. So what’s your go to beauty look? Do tell!

2 thoughts on “My Go To Beauty Look Featuring Buxom Pen & Ink Liner

  1. I love liquid liner, I just started using it to achieve a killer winged eye look. Will definitely have to check this one out too. Thanks, DWJ!

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