NYC Bound

4th of July & Family
This weekend I’m headed to NYC for a very short trip – family function with my husband’s side of the family. Fortunately, whenever I’m in NYC I get to stay with Jess a.k.a. my Sisterwife. I’ve missed her since she left good old Maryland last year but we email almost every day and I pop up to NY several times a year and we have long weekend chats so it’s almost like she’s still here…almost. I’m also going to be going through a knitting marathon over the next two weeks. My girlfriend is having a baby that we thought for the last 3 months was a girl and found out yesterday it’s a boy! Of course when I was halfway through my pink and purple baby girl blanket perfection I have to start all over again. I’m rushing because I’m also taking a baby blanket making class in Old Towne and I want to make sure I’m where I need to be by the next class. I’m sure my hands will have permanently shaped themselves into a claw by the time I go back to class – pray for me. Hopefully I can pop into my favorite yarn store in NY while I’m there, I hope the husband doesn’t rush me out of the city too quickly! That’s my weekend and I hope you have a fantastic weekend too!

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