I’ve Got a Brand New Bag!

Deux Lux
I am always looking for a new handbag. Always. I know it’s a horrible habit and that I already have several really great handbags but I change my bags constantly and am always looking for something fab and new. Last week I sent Jess an email about the Deux Lux Sample Sale I saw them tweet about. Despite the fact that I’m totally jealous that she gets to have sample sales galore at her fingertips I figured if I can’t get something good at least she should. You might also remember I bought a canvas Deux Lux bag earlier this year after featuring them in my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.
Jess told me the sale was great and that there were bargains a plenty and she’d show me her bounty when I came to NYC on Saturday. Little did I know that she picked up a bag for me! YAY!
I came back from NYC carrying this gorgeous teal hobo bag (it most closely resembles the Bowery Hobo on their website).  What’s even more insane – she said she paid $25 for it!! Um…why do we not get sample sales in DC?! Insane. Jess also picked up for herself the Biba Fold Messenger in grey with a fluorescent pink lining and an adorable Gigi Zip Wallet. I was laughing when she told me at one point she looked up and had 6 bags in her hands and had to calm down. What’s funny too is last week I was lusting after a gorgeous teal shoulder bag I saw a woman with on the street and I thought that should be my next handbag color. Clearly Jess knows me too well! And clearly this teal bag makes me love Deux Lux even more.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Brand New Bag!

  1. I love this bag. I love the color, the shape, the pattern…everything. Great gift! Jess has wonderful taste! =)

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