Keith Haring & How I Became an Artist

Google Keith Haring Doodle
(image via Google)
I squealed with delight this morning when I saw the Google Doodle this morning honoring Artist Keith Haring’s birthday. I have always loved Haring’s artwork. Always. In high school I mimicked his shapes and characters a lot. I used to design t-shirts a lot in high school and I totally used his faceless figures style to create cheerleaders, wrestles and football players to illustrate high school athletics.
Did I also mention he did a small collection for Swatch? Yeah, I wish I had one or two of those watches. There’s also an exhibit of his work going on right now at the Brooklyn Museum. I plan on going back up to visit Jessica and check it out.

I never considered myself an artist until recently. I’ve always drawn and been artsy. I painted in high school (acrylic) and college (watercolor) and have always been surrounded by and loved art. But I never thought my art was good enough to consider myself an artist. A little sad but true. It wasn’t until a friend of mine from college told me that everyone’s art is unique and that I am an artist if I would just embrace it and I think he is a brilliant artist. So I’ve been embracing my talent lately. Whether it’s through my endless doodles of shoes and lipstick tubes, my knitting, or even how I apply my makeup, I’m an artist who doesn’t have to be perfect. And if you haven’t checked out Keith Haring’s work, you should, it will bring a big smile to your Friday. Have a great weekend!

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