An Ikea Upgrade

Over the weekend my husband and I took a trip to good old Ikea and picked up the Liatorp Sideboard in white to house our wedding china. We had previously stored it in this Ikea piece that I bought in one of my first apartments. I’ve hated it but we hadn’t felt like buying something new but it was finally time. (Don’t you love the look of frustration on his face reading those directions?)
Our china is white with a platinum rim that has a very small heart pattern around the top. My husband actually picked it out because he was not happy with the butterfly settings I kept picking up. It was a compromise. Since the sideboard is white and my china is white, I decided that I needed a pop or color or a pattern for the back of the piece.
At first I was going to spray paint the pieces apple green to go with the rest of my house color scheme but I had a brilliant idea. Why not use gift wrapping paper instead?! I bought two roles of this orange, red, gold and green wrapping paper from Marshalls for $3 a roll and wrapped away.
I have a large orange wall in my kitchen (you’ve seen me take outfit photos in front of that wall before) and loved that this paper happened to incorporate a lot of the warm colors in my house.
The end result? Dishes that have a nice pop of pattern in the background! I couldn’t be more pleased. What did you do over the weekend? Any home projects?

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