Are You Ready? New Colors of bareMinerals READY™ Eyeshadows

I’ve talked about how AH-Mazing I think bareMinerals Ready shadows are before, so I thought today since I was sent the new colors that came out this month I should share some looks. It’s the right thing to do. There are seven new READY Eyeshadow 2.0 duos ($20) and two new 4.0 quads ($30) and these colors are just as great as the first batch. From left to right you see The 15 Minutes (pink and burgundy), The Soundtrack (camel, gold, bronze and olive green), The Last Call (bright shimmering blue with a sparkly navy), The Cliff Hanger (dove grey and shimmery charcoal).
From left to right above: The Hidden Agenda (camel and grey), The Phenomenon (lavender and copper) and The Alter Ego (shimmery light green and purple).
I thought I’d show you my four favorites in the bunch.

  • Top left is The 15 Minutes a very soft neutral shimmering pink and burgundy shades. I like this when I’m trying to do something soft and neutral for a subtle glow.
  • Top right is The Soundtrack Quad. This is a great set of metallic gold and olive green shades. Perfect for summer with a bronzed cheek and nude lip.
  • Bottom left is my favorite, The Last Call. I have a thing for vivid blue shadows and this duo is definitely a statement maker. LOVE IT.
  • The Alter Ego is a soft celery green with a gorgeous deep shimmering purple. You didn’t think those two colors could place so nicely together did you?

I really do love the texture and feel of these shadows and they give great pigment. They also blend wonderfully on the eye and last. I also use a primer with any eye shadow and these babies will be definitely be on from sun up to sun down. So have you tried any of the new Ready Shadows? Which ones are your favorite?

4 thoughts on “Are You Ready? New Colors of bareMinerals READY™ Eyeshadows

  1. I have to say the pictures of the eyeshadows here are way better than the ones on their site, I wouldn’t’ give them a second loo if I didn’t see them here!!

  2. Yeah I love your pictures, they don’t even compare to what’s on their site. I’m glad you showed the looks because this makes it easier to figure out what I want to pick.

  3. Great colors. I’ve wondered about how well pigmented they are and work on darker skin. You’ve sold me on them.

    Have you tried glominerals?

  4. Hey Tam317 I haven’t tried Glominerals but I do love a good mineral makeup. I may have to add that one to my list to try next.

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