3 Things | Happy Weekend

I can’t lie, I’m so looking forward to the long weekend. The husband and I decided we didn’t want to go too far (anything less than 4 hours away) so we’re spending the weekend in Philadelphia playing tourist and eating cheesesteaks. I’m sure I’ll snap pics and share some on Instgram. A few of pics that I share this week are…
A monster in my cup
The monster in my teacup, this little finger puppet cracks me up.
In the summer we typically grill every weekend, we have a gas grill and a charcoal grill/smoker. I bought a veggie basket and we grilled up sliced peppers, asparagus and squash with just a little olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Supper yummy.
Last weekend I went to the Preakness horse races in Baltimore with my family. I’ve got a few pictures of the horses from where I was sitting. Eventually I will pull all the images off my memory card and upload them and share. Have a wonderful and happy weekend everyone!

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